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The growing sophistication of mobile apps impacts mobile app testing. Successful enterprise mobile apps ensure the user experience is mobile-centric, relying mostly on touch, swipe, and the mobile user interface. Users have high expectations for the mobile experience, driven by their experience as consumers. The expectation is that apps not only work, but are intuitive, convenient and easy to use.   Mobile app users have zero tolerance for poorly-performing, hard-to-use apps. Such higher-order apps help businesses increase employee productivity, improve satisfaction levels of employees and customers, and, most important, compete.  Sophisticated apps require sophisticated, app-centric and user-centric testing. Organizations are challenged with right skilled resources on short notice to support their mobile testing requirements. At CosZ Technologies, we develop, nurture and groom freshers and experienced testers into mobile technology. Our skilled workforce can quickly adapt to any testing environment with very short learning curve.