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1. Mobile Testing

Mobile industry is growing at an astonishing speed and so is the need for skilled people to deliver mobile solutions. Lack of skilled resources in mobile testing is leading to a huge challenge for many organizations at a time when Mobile is redefining the way business models are built.At CosZ we are specialized in recruiting and training people in the latest trends in mobile testing domain. Our consultants are experienced in testing services across a wide set of popular devices. They have worked extensively in our state of the art mobile testing lab making them suitable for industry needs.


2. Software Testing

Technological advancements are constantly redefining the way business is handled. With our team of software testers, accommodating software changes will now be hassle-free and your business can function uninterrupted.Our core strength is our professionalism. The teams are educated not only in technology but also in better work culture which is what makes us different from others. CosZ will be your partner to take your business to the future!


Why Choose Us?

CosZ delivers unparalleled accuracy in matching software testing  consultants to your job requirements. You can utilize different engagement models we offer. You can choose from a spectrum of staffing solutions that we offer including sub-contracting, contract to hire and managed staffing.